Monday, June 20, 2011

My Summer Plans!

Well..Summer is here. And there are only four and a half days left until school's out, and my days are consumed by these three lovelys!
                                                      I think it's time you meet......

Ahhhh....The oldest. She is turning thirteen when the summer ends,but you'd think she's turning sixteen.  This girl plays hard on the soccer field and is a knockout in a pretty dress.  I've watched her grow over the past six years and it is astonishing!
Now that she is older we share secrets and laugh about the silly stuff.  She has been my shoulder to lean on and I hers.  It is wonderful to have her a part of my life.


This ten year old is many things...and mellow isn't one of them.  Brooke aka "Brookums" aka "my mini me"  She is quirky, spunky, dramatic, emotional and a complete joy to be around.  On your worst day she can bring a smile to your face.  She is definitely in her element while doing anything art related.  Her imagination is quite like mine.  Sometimes I'm shocked when she speaks because she reminds me of myself tremendously!  As much as she hated her drama out for this one.  She could most definitely be in movies.  Quite frankly she could have her own television show!                                                                                      

I know...I know, adorable right?  I've known this cutie since she was a baby.  At only seven years old she doesn't miss a beat.  She may love pink and all things girly, but don't let her pretty little smile fool you.  You can find her outside any time of day (whether it's sunny, raining or snowing) playing with the dogs, searching for bugs, or digging for buried treasure.  She loves to swim, ride her bike and be a part of whatever her big sisters and I are doing.  She is a "big" girl now..but I do miss the days when I carried her on my hip and she called me 'nessa.

So..If your wondering what I'm up to on a hot summer day.  This is it!  Hanging out with the girls..... swimming at the lake, chilling by the pool or catching a movie on a rainy day.  No matter what I'm doing I will have my three "Besties" by my side!

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