Sunday, October 12, 2014

Slow down..Don't grow too fast!!

As each day goes by, my little ones learn something new.  Each outing is an adventure.  Each second a blessing.  Watching Eli stand up by himself, or seeing Ezra try to twirl like Mommy,  makes my heart flutter.  I'm taking many pictures and logging memories into journals.  I'm soaking it all's going so fast.  Yesterday the twins turned 16 months.  I finally got around to making them a growth chart, and we logged our first heights.

JBug Images
JBug Images
JBug Images
  Dear Eli & Ezra,

                                         Slow down......
     Don't grow too fast!
               Love Always,
JBug Images

Thursday, August 28, 2014


I stepped back from the clothesline.  Shirts, shorts, bathing suits, onesies, all hanging two by two.  "I'm raising twins! Oh my God..I have twins!! And they are mine!"  Yes, I still have these moments.  When you have multiples, you are almost on auto pilot, moving through the day and trying to keep everyone happy and safe.  When the boys are sleeping, my mind is able to just wander where it wants to. That's the only way I can explain it.  It's in these moments that I am most thankful.  I have felt heartache, I STILL feel the pain...But...I wouldn't have my rainbows, had it not been for the rain.  My boys are my world..all three of them.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Family Weekend

We started our weekend on Saturday, heading to York Beach, Maine.  What we didn't anticipate, was the traffic. Ugh! What should have been an hour trip, took about three.  We decided to stop for lunch first before suiting up for the ocean. So.. Sun & Surf Restaurant it was! The food was okay, but the ambiance was great! Seated right on the water, with waves crashing and surfers dancing on the waves. The twins approved!!


                         After eating, we headed down to Short Sands Beach for some water fun!

The ocean was a total hit!!   Ezra couldn't get enough of the sand and waves.  Eli was a little bit more sensitive to his surroundings, but warmed up after seeing his twin act like...well... A Wild Man!  There was a little "pool" of ocean water that was great for the babies to splash in.
                                                     But that wasn't enough for Ezra!!
                                                                      And.......He's off!

He REALLY loved the ocean!!

Ezra & Daddy

Eli enjoyed hanging out with Daddy and playing with his shovel & bucket.

                                         We all had such a good time splashing in the ocean.

After about an hour, the tide was quickly coming in and it was time for us to pack up.  There was enough sand stuck to the twins and myself to build a sandcastle!!  That was fun to wash off at the shower near the parking lot. What?!? They don't heat the water?! Sorry boys.
We all changed into dry clothes and went for a walk to the shops.  This time we had the lighter, side by side stroller, so it was easier to shop.  Do you know there is at least one big step to get into each shop there? Phew! 
The boys first taste of cotton candy ice cream, a stop at the bakery for some take-home treats and we were spent!  It had gotten so late, we decided to stop at The Shore restaurant for dinner. Mommy got a lobster roll..yum!  I could barely keep my eyes open for the ride home.  What a great day!

Sunday was a lazy day.  We took a ride through town and happened across a woman cleaning up the remnants of her weekend yard sale.  I hopped out of the truck, leaving Mikey to sit with the sleeping twins.  I noticed she had a 1979 Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. It looked just like the one I had when I was little.  I had to have it for the boys.  
I mean, Eli sure does look cool driving the coupe! 
Here is the kicker though.... while we were discussing price on the coupe I laughingly asked if she had another one.  And to my surprise she said.. "I sure do!"  What?!  SCORE!! 
Who knew that after a weekend of selling her items she would have not one, but TWO of these adorable four wheeled little vehicles.  And fifteen dollars for the pair! What a deal.

 Now, to decide if I will refurbish them, or leave them as is. Hmm?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Family Portrait..Five minus one.

If you know me, you know I love photos.  And, you also know I'm not a fan of going to a picture place in a mall.  I've always been lucky enough to have some amazing personal photographers capture our special memories.  With that being said, I happened across a Groupon for the Picture People, and decided to give it a go for a family portrait.  We walked through the door at 11am, with the impression we would be the only ones there for the first appointment of the day.  There was a family of boys just starting their session. I waited by the desk for an employee. " can I help you?" I told the girl we had an appointment.  She started asking the typical questions..although..I had already gone through everything on the phone when I made the appointment..Oh well. "Who's being photographed today?"  Then on and so on.
                                      "SMILE AIDAN!" The words cut through me like a knife and I froze in time.  It's as if I stepped out of my body...but I could still feel my eyes start to tear.  I could sense Mikey's stare at my face, but I didn't look at him.  "Your email?".......M'am?".......I snapped out of it. She had apparently asked me for my email multiple times. I gave her my email, while still in a blur. "Look over here Aidan!..Aidan!" There it was again. I wasn't dreaming.  It was time to walk to the photo area.  I was so out of it, the girls working there must have thought I was crazy. Behind the curtain, on the other side of the room was the family of boys.  A giggling three year old skipped about the room.  "Aidan! Come here!...AIDAN!"  
"We'll start with the family portrait first..OK?"  I stared blankly and nodded yes.  Yes..I thought to myself...The Family Portrait....but...not everyone was here.  We went to sit down in front of the tacky backdrop. "Ugh! I despise the white background!" "What else do you have?"  Yes, I said that out loud.  I was so was a coping mechanism I suppose. The girl (not a photographer by the way) started clicking away.  There wasn't much direction, and I was already irritated.  Mikey asked me if I was alright.  "No. No..I'm not alright." "Let's just get this over with."  I heard his name about 87 times..but who was counting?  Of course I could think of this as a sign, as Aidan letting me know he was with us.  It didn't hurt any less though.  Nothing will ever take the pain away.  Nothing will ever fill that gap in our family.  It's amazing how some things can really set you off..and others you take at ease. I smiled through the rest of the session...fighting the tears back with each flash of the camera.

Here's a shot of the twins.  We noticed after, that there were three glasses of lemonade.  One for each of my boys.  

And here it is.  Our Family Portrait.  All Five of us..minus one.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Time is flying!

Wow! It's been a long time since my last post! Time sure is flying.  We have celebrated Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day and yes, even a boiled dinner for the twin's first St. Patrick's Day!  They boys are now on the move and crawling all over the place.  Ezra can stand with almost no assistance.  They are both pulling themselves up, and I know they will be walking in no time. Eli has two adorable bottom teeth..none for Ezra, yet.  Eli is still rocking the red hair and we are pretty sure it's going to stay curly.  Ezra's hair is a lovely shade of brown and he too will probably jump on the curl band wagon!  Their last check up (9 months) they were exactly 28 3/4 inches. Eli was 19 lbs 8 oz and Ezra was 19 lbs 7 oz.  Yes!! Eli has finally caught up to Ezra and even an ounce heavier now!  Ezra has been a little sick, we are keeping a close eye on him and trying some meds.

I realized, while all these milestones were swiftly passing by, that their nursery won't always be a nursery.  One day it will be a big boy room and then a teenage boy's room. Holding back tears as I type.  I needed to remember their beautiful room and all the sweet baby items.  I grabbed my camera and started to document........

One day it will change..but for now, it is still a nursery.