Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Cookies!

The cookie extraordinaire began at my Mom's house and ended at mine, baking at least 10 dozen cookies for Christmas of many different varieties. they are!


Adorable! Peanut Butter Rudolfs
Sugar Pinwheels


Even Bella joined in!!  The Peanut Butter Rudolfs were her favorite!
Chocolate Rudolfs

Double Chocolate Christmas Pudding Cookie
Snickerdoodles..they were HUGE!

Yes..that's a gooey snickers inside!

Peppermint Bark   

Snowball Bark

White Chocolate Peppermint Hearts

And finally, the last treat to come out of the oven was.......
Christmas Peppermint Cupcakes!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Brooke's Candy Land 11th Birthday Party!!!

The Invitation


Cookie Lollipops

Ice Cream Cone Rainbow Cupcakes
Lily going Cupcake Crazy!
Candy Cane Punch
Playing Candy Land

Make your own Candy Necklaces!

The Birthday Sweetie!
Decorating Gingerbread Men

B*E*G's Gingie!

The girls and their "Men" :)
The Favors!  They're going to need 'em after all that sugar!