Saturday, June 11, 2011


So after being on the TTCAL board for a little while, I decided I wanted to make one of the girls a Mother's Bracelet or Memory Bracelet.  All the girls were excited about the idea.  You see..these girls have been my shoulder to lean on and support group since I lost my little Aidan.  Some of these lovely ladies have suffered multiple miscarriages of all stages, stillbirths, infant loss and preterm labor resulting in loss, as I have.  Some are on the journey trying to conceive for their take home baby and some are still waiting it out.  I could not possibly make a bracelet for everyone one of these message board friends..although I wish I could. So..I put all girls names in a hat and had Mikey pick one.  The girl he chose suffered a miscarriage and her estimated due date was in July.  Her little ones birthstone would have been ruby.  Here is the bracelet I made for her in memory of her little angel.  "The elephant never forgets" she said. "And the trunk up means good luck!  I wish you all the luck in the world E!

While making this bracelet I thought I'd try something new.  These little Angels can be put on a necklace,bracelet or pin.  The top swarovsky crystal on the Angels are the birthstones of little ones lost. I think they are so sweet and would be a great piece to wear in memory of a little one you have lost.  I will be selling them for anyone interested in purchasing.

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  1. These are beautiful and I'm sure you made her day.