Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Things I've made in my spare time..or lack there of!!

So..just because I am a Mommy of twins doesn't mean my life has been taken over by two little munchkins...Oh wait!...Yes it does! Haha! Creature Creature Double Feature is what I call it! I have somehow found time to work on some projects, whether it has been during a 15 min nap or during a feeding.  Have you ever tried to hand stitch a onesie while tandem breastfeeding? I have!! I've also painted. Using the sewing machine was only during naps..but would always wake my little creatures up. So..you could say I have multiple projects going on at the same time all over my house. Let's start with the Turkey Onesies! I made these months ago, knowing I would be so busy as we got close to Thanksgiving. I picked up some plain long sleeve onesies to start. I used some scrap fabric I had in my fabric stash.
I cut out a turkey body out of the brown and then some feathers out of different patterns.  I used an iron on bonding paper to tack the pieces on the onesie. It looks strange here..but don't worry, it gets cuter.
After both onesies were ironed, I started to hand stitch with a embroidery thread around the body and then each feather.  I could have used the machine, but I love the hand stitched look...and...I couldn't hold the machine up over the boys while I fed them ;)  This took me quite a while as I would stitch at feedings or while they napped in my arms...I know I know..talented right!?! Ha! After all the stitching was done I cut eyes and beaks out of felt. I just used tacky fabric glue for the facial features. Honestly I only plan on having the boys wear these once on Thanksgiving day. I don't know how my dark colored fabric scraps would hold up after a washing and I don't want to test it.
See...they're getting cuter..right? Oh...I almost forgot. I also cut out some red fabric for that little dangle thingy under the turkey's beak. Because "dangle thingy" is the proper term for it!  I stitched in some little legs too. Can you tell I made the turkeys so they were facing and looking at each other?! Hmmm?? Hmmm? Hehehe! But wait...it get's cuter!

                                                                         I told you!
Who better to model my turkey onesies than my little "Pumpkin Pie" and my little "Butterball"!!
And they are modeling them while lying on Eli's "Magic Blankie", which brings me to the next project.

Magic Blankie all started when Eli fell in love with my Care Bear Rainbow Blanket I bought special to bring to the hospital when I delivered my "Rainbow" Twins. He would snuggle with it and stop crying instantly...and he cried non stop for 3 months..so..that blankie really was "Magic"!  The blanket was a little big and started to pill a little more after each washing.  I decided to make my own Magic Blankie for each of the boys. Of course it had to be made out of the softest, cuddliest fleece I could find. We love owls at our house and Ezra really digs polka dots..so it was simple!

Owl print on one side and brown and white polka dots on the other!  While at the cutting counter at Joanns a woman looked at my pile of fabric then at the twins in the stroller than back at me.."When do you have time to sew?" she asked. I giggled and said "I don't know".   I had to hand stitch their initial on the corner so I would know who's was who's. Ya..both my boys have matching initials..so.. E for Eli and Ez for Ezra. Done! They love them!

It's starting to get pretty chilly and my little creatures need to stay warm when we are out and about. Since snowsuits and bulky coats are not safe to wear in the car seat I decided to make a car seat blanket that I came across on Pinterest.  It has open slits in the back for the buckles to go through, so the boys can be swaddled after they are safely buckled.  Here it is in the car seat.
And of course the cuter picture that you really want to see...........

Snug as a bug!!  or 2!  I made a hood on the top of each blanket to keep them extra warm.  I have to say they look pretty adorable all swaddled in there!  Two sets of eyes peeking at me through the owl fabric...yes..we used owl flannel.  Whooooo can resist!! Hahahaa! Ok..enough with the owls. I also bought more flannel in green polka dots for Eli and blue polka dots for Ezra..(of course)..to make them each another one.

My sister in law and I decided to paint some pottery for our 3 boys for their 1st Thanksgiving and 1st Christmas.  I think we will try to make something for each 1st holiday.  Here is what I made for the twins...

I'm still working on their Candy Cane Initial Onesies. Hopefully I will get them done soon..until then! Happy Thanksgiving week!! Smooches!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Eli & Ezra's 1st Boo!!

Halloween has come and gone and Thanksgiving is on it's way. And I'm not going to lie..Christmas magic is swirling through my head! Shhhh...don't tell Mikey! Hehehe! Before I get into Thanksgiving, let's have a look at the twins' 1st Boo!

Mario & Luigi

Princess Peach and her boys! 

Mommy & Mario (aka Ezra)
The boys 1st Halloween was fun and I'm already coming up with ideas for next years costumes, and maybe some for the year after that as well! Ha!  I've been working on some projects for the boys in my "free time"...like I have any! Stay tuned for Turkey Onesies, Magic Blankies, Carseat Blankets, Taggies and more!!