Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend...

 Well the long weekend is over and here is what we did!  Friday, Mikey was able to go and pick up Aidan's bench for the cemetery.  As soon as the foundation is poured we will be able to place it.  On Saturday with the help of his father, Mikey started putting up a fence.  So far he has finished the section between our neighbors yard and ours. Good news is it looks great! Bad news is Mikey got one heck of a sunburn! Ouch! 
The lilac tree on the side of the house just burst in bloom this weekend!  It is huge.  It happens to be right next to our bedroom window.  Mike has an air conditioner in that very window.  So...our bedroom smells fantastic!!  Who needs Yankee Candle when you have your very own lilac tree...our personal air freshener.
So that's pretty much what our weekend consisted of.... fence, church, playing with Bella, and lilacs!
Only four more days until my Aunti gets here from Florida!  I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bella's First Swim!!

So..It was a beautiful day today and I decided to take Bella down to the lake.  The beach is not yet open..otherwise NO DOGS ALLOWED!  Boo!  Anyway, she had gone down to the beach before when the lake was still frozen and was very curious about the water under the ice.  Today however, there was no ice.  She tested out the waters..literally!  At first she would only go in to about her tummy.  My friend Heather threw a stick into the water and that's where the fun began.  Bella ventured out to get it only to realize her paws were no longer touching the ground. Her reaction was priceless.  She turned around so if she were saying "Screw the stick..what the heck is happening?"  Then all of a sudden her Labrador Retriever kicked in and she turned around and swam to the stick.  She brought it back up to the shore and I swear if dogs could talk she would have been saying "Mommy..Mommy..Did you see what I just did?!?!"  It was a great moment to see her so happy..she was literally smiling.  The day must have really worn her out because she is fast asleep on the floor behind me as I type.  Apparently it's time for bed.  I love my little Princess Bella!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Doctors..

So I just got home from consulting with the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor and meeting my new OB.  She is really nice.  I feel like I am finally in good hands now..unfortunately it took what I had to go through to get here.  The MFM  is very confident in my future pregnancies.  I will be closely monitored and given an injection called 17p starting at 14 weeks.  Both doctors will be closely monitoring me every week.  It is still hard to feel 100 percent confident..but I am trying.  So I guess this is all good news for the future.