Monday, September 24, 2012

A Wedding, A million Birthdays and Antiquing with friends. Hello Fall!!

September is a very busy month for me!!  Regardless, I love it anyway. The smells, the colors, and the feeling of the beginning of Fall. 
September 14th, it was a gorgeous day, perfect for a Fall outdoor ceremony.  My baby brother's wedding.  Here are some things that I made for the day.

These "Bell's Cupcakes" I made for the Rehearsal Dinner for the Bride & Groom (they are clothespins)

Bell's Cupcakes for the Bridal Party~ Vanilla Bean with Cinnamon Butter Cream/Red Velvet with Cream Cheese.

Hangers for the Bride & Bridesmaids.
The sticks were the table numbers and were put in mason jars that were filled with beautiful fall colored flowers.
Flower Girls sign and pumpkin basket, Ceremony program, and Caramel Apple JAM favor.
Cake Topper

Pretty leaf pens for guests to make a wish!
Mr. & Mrs. Pumpkins for the Sweat Heart Table
And on to the wedding day....
The dress.

The Shoes & Bride's Rings.
Me & The Beautiful Bride, my new sister-in-law!
Me & The Groom, my baby brother!
My Mom & I

Time to PARTY!!!
Congratulations to Josh & Julie!!!

September is a month FULL of Birthdays! Mine included.  I celebrated my actual Birthday September 18th with my fantastic husband at one of our favorite French Cuisine restaurants.  Here I am, making a wish!

And here it goes...Happy Birthday to!!!.... Jackie, Kristina, Aaron Jr, Jonah, Aaron, Nick, Grace, Me, Aaron M., Grandpa, Liana, Barnaby, Shaun, Jack, Sean & Dad!!  I hope I didn't miss anyone!

Yesterday after church, Mikey, my two good friends and I ventured to the Vintage Bazaar.  I love poking through all the unique antiques and "junk".  We had a lot of fun snapping pictures along the way.
Some cool finds at one of the booths..I love the chandelier and doll carriage.
Holly & Vanessa
Oh...just two girls in a tub!!!!  Hahaha!
Two Lovelies in a Volkswagon Beetle Trailer!
Chris & Holly

Holly, Chris & Vanessa living the Vintage Life!!
What I bought!
This photo tugs at my heart.
A great day at the Vintage Bazaar!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Twenty-Three and a Half Years Ago....

Twenty-three and a half years ago my Mother was pregnant with her third baby.  At seven years old, I remember vividly, standing in front of a screen door, looking up at the sky and asking God for a second brother.  Well...May 20th 1989 came around and a 12 lb 1 oz baby boy was born. (I think he still holds the record for the biggest baby born at that hospital)  He was named Joshua Andrew. (I gave him his middle name)  The years have surely flown by and Josh, my other brother Nick and I have shared many adventures together.  My two brothers mean everything to me.  Tomorrow I will stand in a pretty brown Bridesmaid dress and watch my baby brother marry his love.  I still can't believe this day has come.  When I look at him I still see him as a little boy who held my hand, even though he is like 6' 3" now!   He grew up so fast and I can't wait to see him get married tomorrow.

By the way....Thank you God!