Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day Cupcake Exchange

Yes....I had a cupcake exchange!  A bunch of girls came over to celebrate an early Valentine's Day and each brought with them 1 dozen cupcakes.  Each girl was able to go home with an assorted dozen.
Cupcake cookies in progress

"A cupcake is a perfect's better than a circle!"~VB

Ouch! Did that hurt when you tried to grab one through the screen?!

Handmade Valentines are the best!!

Favor bags filled with convo hearts and chocolate candycane hearts made by me!

Each bag was adorned with a felt cupcake.    

I am definitely......


..for the occasion!!   

Erin's ready to party!!!!!

       So..without further adieu.....the CUPCAKES!!!!

My cupcakes..Chocolate with Triple Layer Buttercream

Chocolate with Pink Buttercream Rose
Vanilla Bean with Vanilla Frosting..make sure to cut them down the line..

"There's no cream filling in these cupcakes.......

............Only LOVE!!!"
Jackie E.  Cupcakes

Jackie W.  Cupcakes
Kate's Cupcakes
Kelly's Cupcakes

Grace, Brooke & Erin's Cupcakes
Silva's Cupcakes

Tara's Cupcakes
Friends always!  :)

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