Saturday, March 2, 2013

22 weeks

Today I am 22 weeks. It's been such a bittersweet day. As of now, I am officially the most pregnant I have ever been . My fears have not been washed away..but a vision in my head is keeping me going. The only way I could explain this vision was through a poem..

                  God peaked through the clouds one day and
                 saw two aching hearts.
                 He knew their journey had been hard, he'd 
                 been there from the start.    
                  They were waiting for a blessing, a Rainbow
                  after the storm     
                 They prayed so hard everyday but hope was 
                  getting torn.

                  A small angel named Aidan stood by his
                  side, watching God think as he smiled real wide.
                   They are ready for a miracle... 
                   "Ah yes, a boy will do!"
                   The angel tugged upon God's robe, 
                   then smiled and whispered "two".

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