Thursday, September 13, 2012

Twenty-Three and a Half Years Ago....

Twenty-three and a half years ago my Mother was pregnant with her third baby.  At seven years old, I remember vividly, standing in front of a screen door, looking up at the sky and asking God for a second brother.  Well...May 20th 1989 came around and a 12 lb 1 oz baby boy was born. (I think he still holds the record for the biggest baby born at that hospital)  He was named Joshua Andrew. (I gave him his middle name)  The years have surely flown by and Josh, my other brother Nick and I have shared many adventures together.  My two brothers mean everything to me.  Tomorrow I will stand in a pretty brown Bridesmaid dress and watch my baby brother marry his love.  I still can't believe this day has come.  When I look at him I still see him as a little boy who held my hand, even though he is like 6' 3" now!   He grew up so fast and I can't wait to see him get married tomorrow.

By the way....Thank you God!

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