Friday, April 27, 2012

"It will happen when it happens?"

"Relax"... "Don't think about it"... "It will happen when it happens"  These are the words someone TTCAL does not want to hear.  I know people mean well when they say just makes me crazy.   Believe me, I'm trying to relax..obviously it will happen when it happens..and how do you expect me to "really' not think about it?  Not think about what exactly?  The fact that we have been trying to bring a baby home for over two years or the fact that I held my infant son in my arms until his heart stopped beating?  I think about Aidan every second of everyday.  He was a part of me, and still is, and will be forever.  Therefore, the longing to bring his brother or sister into the world and into his or her Mommy and Daddy's arms is there stronger than anything.  I WILL get pregnant again..I just know this  The journey to that day is unfortunately a long and rough one.  I don't need someone to tell me this..I sometimes just need a silent hug or someone to tell me that they still love me regardless of my journey and what has happened along the way.

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