Friday, September 23, 2011

Guess what.......

 Well.. You know Summer is officially over when I take off my string anklets I've made.  I've started to see the beautiful colors on the trees and people are decorating their front doors with scrumptious autumn wreaths!  Can you tell I love the fall?   It starts off with my Birthday...creeps to Halloween...and ends with a "Gobble Gobble" at Thanksgiving.  I am absolutely in love with the gorgeous colors and yummy smells of the fall season.

The girls and I trekked over to the Farmer's Market in town and tried some maple cotton candy...Mmmmm.  Can't you just taste it?  They were giving out free ice cream from our local ice cream hot spot.  And of course the girls couldn't pass that up!  We sampled some cheeses from a local farm and tried some stuffed grape leaves and rice pudding from one of the booths.  I grabbed some bagels for Mikey, that were fresh made that day and they smelled great!  After picking out some pumpkins for Aidan, we headed over to the cemetery...but.. "Nessa Nessa!" not before Erin got a picture in the cool tree trunk!

We each had a pumpkin..the girls and I.  Mine was the biggest then they got smaller 'til you reached Erin's. The four of us wrote our names on the pumpkins. Love, Mommy & Daddy.  Love, Grace.  Love, Brooke. And Love, Erin.  We placed them on Aidan's bench and wished him a Happy Fall.  I like that the girls visit him with me.  After all, he is a huge part of their lives.  One day we will bring his brother or sister there to visit. And that will be a beautiful day.

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  1. Hi Vanessa, thank you for your comment. I wish you that your dream will soon come true and that you will be a mother soon.