Thursday, September 29, 2011

6 Months Ago Today...

At this exact moment 6 months ago.. I was told I was going to deliver my son at only 22 weeks.  The doctor assured me he would be too small to survive.  I never gave up hope.  I wish I could have fought for him.  I wish I screamed until they helped him.  I was in shock..helpless.  But no more helpless than my precious son Aidan.  I will never understand why he didn't come home with me.  Why he'll never get a chance to sleep in his crib or wear all his clothes that hang in the nursery closet.  I am not angry with you God..just confused.  I know you cannot return him to me..but will you give me a piece of him?  Please bless me with his brother or sister.  Because I know that bond is stronger than any other.  I promise to teach him or her about you and never show anger towards you about Aidan.  I will teach him or her to sing to you and love you.  Please God.

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