Friday, January 16, 2015

Owls x2! ..and Holidays x4!!'s mid January and I am just getting to blogging about Eli & Ezra's Halloween costumes. #Twins! Hahaha!  We had already had adorable owl hats, so I decided to make their costumes to match.  I started with the wings.  After picking out some great fabrics and felts I began to cut, stitch and glue!

I took white long sleeve onesies and hand stitched some feathers on the front.  I stitched the wings to the onesie and voila! Instant twin owls!! Some striped baby legs finished off the look.
 Of course I had to make them matching Treat Bags!!

Nosey little owls, spying on the neighbors!

After Halloween, and our very 1st Trick-Or-Treat, it was time to start planning for Thanksgiving.  I started with a new wreath for our front door.  A little burlap, a wooden letter, and some flowers from the dollar store and bam! Fall Wreath!
Thanksgiving came and went..the twins wore adorable little shirts made by The Shabby Cupcake..aka..Me!
It was time to make matching Christmas Eve jammies for the family...but not before I finished the advent calender..

 And some Rudolf Shirts!

Which were perfect to wear while decorating the tree!

Here are the twins jammies!!

We had a great Christmas morning!!

New Years was a blast! We partied Gatsby fun!!

Happy New Year!!

WELL!!  If that wasn't four holidays on hyper drive! Phew!! But don't be fooled, there was so much more in between.  Christmas Lights, Gingerbread Parties, Cookies, more sewing and crafting and much, much more!  Hopefully, we are all caught up now! Here's to a new year of blogging..... and having time for blogging!   Stay sweet!

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