Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This Is Halloween!!

We decided to throw a Halloween Party this year.  I put a lot of time and creativity into it.  Preparing for this party was a blast and the party itself even better! We will start off in the bathroom..Everyone needs a little helping hand in the bathroom, don't you think?
 I don't know about you, but I always feel like somebody's watching me!
 Moving into the living room.  We have the piano decked out Haunted Mansion style, with homemade witches brew bottles. Spells & Potions books are there for my convenience.

Watch out for spiders!!!
 And Bats!!!
There are monsters lurking around every corner!!
In the kitchen the chandelier let off an eerie glow...

Every wife should have this potion recipe!!
Since we are in the kitchen..let's talk food!!
7 Layer Spider Web Dip
Mummy Dogs

Candy Bar: Hallowed Frog Eyes, Jaw Breakers, Worms, Pumpkin Teeth, Crows Bones

Witches Fingers, Eye of Newt, Werewolf  Claws

One Cupcake is Poisoned...choose wisely!!

There were some pretty scary ghouls outside too!!

I was really afraid of her!!!
Everyone's costumes were great!! I made a photo booth so everyone could capture some spooky memories!!

 The photo booth was definitely a hit! We really did have so much fun!!
Maybe too much fun! I found Waldo! Hahaha!

 There was so much more I wish I got on camera....decorations and people! I guess you will have to wait until next year to see the rest!..But for now I will leave you with this quote.

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